School Board Week

Wisconsin School Board Week is October 2-8.

The Wisconsin Association of School Boards has designated Oct. 2-8 as Wisconsin School Board Week. This week is a time to build awareness and understanding of the vital function an elected board of education plays in our communities. Hillsboro School District is joining all public school districts across the state to celebrate Wisconsin School Board Week to honor local board members for their commitment to Hillsboro and its children.

“It takes strong schools to build a strong community, and these men and women devote countless hours to making sure our schools are helping every child learn at a higher level.” Superintendent Curt Bisarek says. 

School board members are responsible for making many tough decisions and spend many hours studying education issues and regulations in order to provide the kind of accountability the citizens of Hillsboro expect. Board members give the Hillsboro citizens a voice in education decision-making. Even though Wisconsin School Board appreciation week is in October, their contribution is a year-round commitment.

Please take time to thank our board members for their dedication to district success:

Jason Oetzman, President

Lindsay O'Hair, Vice President

Denise Huntley, Clerk

Mary Jo Onsager, Treasurer

Mitchell McCoic, Member

Josiah Woirol, Member

James Slama, Member