The Hillsboro School District has received a new supply of rapid tests, and we can now offer district families the ability for students who have a household close contact to “test to stay” at school. 

In short, this means:

Students and staff that have a household close contact are eligible to return to school and be tested each morning at the school for the duration of the infectious period (as determined by the district nurse). 

Parents/guardians would be responsible for driving their student in for testing, and waiting for results before leaving school grounds. Students who are testing to stay would not be allowed to ride the bus to school. 

Students would need to wear a mask during this time and the following ten days after exposure.

The district understands that these policies may be difficult for families to interpret and retain, and we encourage parents/guardians to continue to contact district nurse Toni Wallace for health guidance and questions relating to COVID-19.    

The Hillsboro School District will also be following the CDC’s latest guidance to cease universal contact tracing when COVID-19 prevalence is low, and will suspend the districtwide emailing of the COVID-19 Update during these times.


COVID-19 prevalence can be viewed using our attendance metric, and a low prevalence would be indicated by both buildings remaining in a Green Learning Status.

We want to remind families that the information found in the COVID-19 Update will remain current and available on our website, which you can access by clicking the COVID-19 Tracker, and that the district remains committed to remaining responsive to the needs of our students, staff, families and community.