Class of 1968

1968 – 2018…50 years!  The Hillsboro Class of 1968 celebrated its Golden Anniversary in August and they left a ‘gift of gold’ to support their Alma Mater.

It was definitely a ‘Walk Down Memory Lane’ for many as they gathered to reminisce.  There were conversations about the supportive community, the active involvement of parents, and the progressive school board.

Penne Pacl Rush, class valedictorian noted, “From kindergarten through 12th grade, I was fortunate to have been taught by many talented individuals who challenged me in positive ways.  When my dissertation committee reviewed my qualifying exam, one member commented he really did not understand some of ideas I was explaining, but they were so well written that he gave his approval to proceed with the dissertation.  The emphasis on organization, supporting evidence, and revision I owe to Mrs. Hall and Mrs. Schaller.”

According to Class of ’68 alum Dick Shold whose Father, Gordon Shold, served as school superintendent and is namesake of the football field, much has changed but much remains the same. “Dad was at the school every day, weekends included, and with that he opened the high school gym so many of us could play basketball, year-round, which gave us something to do in a small town.  That basketball tradition culminated in a state tournament berth a couple years ago.  Current superintendent, Curt Bisarek, does the same now, on weekends, for the community.”

Many reunion attendees shared a similar opinion: The Hillsboro School District is an extraordinary community that provides a great school experience, thanks to many dedicated teachers, staff, administrators and school board members.  There were many stories shared by Class of ’68 alums that supported that sentiment, stories about unique educational opportunities including attention to language instruction and the offering of both French and Latin; an aviation program that included ground school and up to 10 hours of flight instruction, photography including an operating darkroom, and an experiential approach to science instruction. 

To honor their great school experience and the people who delivered it, especially Mr. Shold, the classmates pooled their resources and donated over $13,500 to the Hillsboro Excellence in Education fund.  Of that, approximately $3,000 will be available during the current academic year to fund grant proposals for innovative projects and programs.  The remainder has been added to the EIE Endowment and will generate monies FOREVER for projects and programs in the Hillsboro School District.

Special thanks is due the Hillsboro Class of ’68.  Their investment in the Hillsboro School District is extraordinary.  These graduates of 50 years ago are extending a helping hand to our current students through their gifts, which will provide supplemental monies for innovative projects and programs proposed by Tiger faculty, staff, and administrators. 

The Hillsboro Excellence in Education Endowment is affiliated with the Community Foundation of Southern Wisconsin, a tax exempt 501(c)(3) public charity.  Donations to the EIE Endowment can be made by sending a check to PO Box 526, Hillsboro WI 54634.  For further information about the Hillsboro School Endowment Funds, contact Advisory Board Chair Kelli Mitchell, District Administrator Curt Bisarek (, or CFSW Donor Services Representative Barb Daus (608-778-3344 or