The Hillsboro School Board voted to approve the following COVID-19 policy updates on January 10, 2022:


  1. Household close contacts could return to school immediately, but are required to do a daily “test to stay” at school.

In short, this would mean:

Families that have a household close contact are eligible to return to school and be tested each morning at the school for the duration of the infectious period (as determined by the district nurse). 

Parents/guardians would be responsible for driving their student in for testing, and waiting for results before leaving school grounds. Students who are testing to stay would not be allowed to ride the bus to school. 

Students would need to wear a mask during this time and the following ten days after exposure.

*At this time, the district does not have adequate testing supplies to make this option possible for students, but we are hopeful that in the future we could offer this opportunity to families.


  • For staff and students who test positive for COVID-19, the board has agreed to follow CDC guidance  and make a 5 day quarantine available (if asymptomatic or symptoms improving, AND fever free for 24  hours without medication prior to returning) for a return to school on day 6, followed by 5 days of  proper masking with a N95/KN95 mask.

These masks would be supplied to staff and students by the district. 

  • If a student returning from a 5 day quarantine were involved in athletics, the board approved a policy that would allow students on day 6 to choose to return to practice and play, with the requirement of wearing a KN95/N95 appropriately during the entirety of practice/play.

3. Close contacts in the building will mask for 10 days (prior policy was 14). 4. Close household contacts mask for 15 days (prior policy was 24).

The district understands that these policies may be difficult for families to interpret and retain, and we encourage parents/guardians to continue to contact district nurse Toni Wallace for health guidance and questions relating to COVID-19.