District Mission

In July of 2019, Hillsboro School District assembled a committee charged with the mission of focusing district priorities, developing common goals, creating clarity of vision throughout our schools, and implementing a plan for growth. The Strategic Planning Committee used feedback gathered through community and employee surveys to identify the vision of various stakeholders within the district.

The Strategic Planning Committee identified the top five priorities:

  • Offering in-house mental health supports and services for the district
  • Commitment to open and honest communication with all stakeholders
  • Developing and implementing a communication plan
  • A focus on character development 4K-12
  • Building and maintaining strong community partnerships The school board held a retreat on August 4, 2021, to review progress on the top five initiatives and set goals for future growth.

The district accomplished growth in each area, including the introduction of in-house mental health supports and services, and the focusing and integration of character- building curriculum for students elementary through high school with PurposeFull People and CharacterStrong programs. The district strengthened staff confidence, communication, and investment through building district guiding coalitions, and experienced increased community engagement and feedback through the district’s 20-21 communications.

The district remained a school of choice for students, families and staff, and further expanded the availability of early exposure to courses for students. The integration of PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) frameworks district-wide allowed staff to better support students.
Hillsboro Schools also experienced enhanced community partnerships over the last two years, including a deeply supportive collaboration with Gunderson St. Joseph’s Hospital. Currently, the district is undertaking a long-standing goal of facility improvements, including work to our track and athletic fields.

The school board was also able to hear from district instructional coaches about their vision for Adult Learning Frameworks (ALFs), and strategies to increase the ability of staff to provide the best education possible for all children with diverse strengths and needs, building efficacy and responsibility in the student body, and achieving proficiency across essential standards.

The retreat closed by planning for the future. Instructional coaches, strategic planning members, administrators, and school board members worked together to identify the next set of district priorities and goals.
The goals for 21-22 were identified as:
1. To create thoughtful citizens by engaging students in community based projects
2. Striving for excellence by utilizing ALFs to improve staff practice, increase student achievement and ensure learning for all
3. Continued district support for the wellness of all stakeholders
4. Strengthening community partnerships through continued focus and improvements to communication

The district continues to rely on the strength of our partnerships with students, families and the community, and remain committed to advancing our mission to ensure all students can Learn, Achieve, and Succeed.