PurposeFull People Comes to 3rd Grade

This semester 3rd Graders have started the PurposeFull People program, which is the newest component of the CharacterStrong curriculum. This part of the program is geared toward Kindergarten- 5th Grade students. It offers ten traits for classrooms to focus on during the school year. 

Students and parents were invited to a family night on January 16 to learn more about the curriculum and how it will be used with the students. Families enjoyed a light meal, presentation by staff, and games together. Parents learned more about the program while students created thank you notes for their parents. It was a fun night of learning and working together. We were thankful that families were willing to take a night out and come back to school to kick-off this program with us! 

Each month students focus on one trait. In January, 3rd Grade students focused on Respect. In February, students have been focusing on Cooperation. Each month students learn a working definition of the trait through the CharacterStrong website. They interact with the trait each day through quotes, pictures, videos, activities, and class discussions.

The PurposeFull People curriculum has students starting and ending their days intentionally talking about the trait, engaging with others to practice the trait, responding to questions and activities about the trait, and practicing the trait in the classroom, on the playground, and at home.

Our 3rd Grade students have enjoyed this program so much this year already. We are excited to be able to talk about three more traits this year, and are looking forward to sharing what we have learned about the program with others throughout the community! Because of the success of the program this year, the district is considering implementing it in grades Kindergarten through 5th Grade next year. If you get a chance to talk to a 3rd Grader, please ask them about the trait they are working on and how much fun they have had with the PurposeFull People program so far this year!