Reality Days

This week, Hillsboro High School held its first annual Reality Days, an engaging simulation designed to give high school juniors and seniors a glimpse into the world of adult finances.

The gym transformed into a marketplace where students navigated various stations, making choices about housing, cars, insurance, and more. They were challenged to manage a checkbook register and keep a positive balance throughout the simulation.

Many students discovered the importance of budgeting as they realized their initial choices might require adjustments. They explored options like taking on a second job or scaling back on certain expenses to make ends meet.

The positive impact of this event was evident, and Hillsboro High hopes to expand it next year, inviting neighboring schools to participate.

A huge thank you goes to the local businesses and individuals who volunteered their time and expertise to run the booths: Farmers State Bank, Royal Bank, Hofmeister Insurance, City of Hillsboro, Let's Shine, Next Home Realty, Gundersen St Joe's, Danica Sebranek, Dena Grinder, and the many dedicated school staff members. Their contributions were instrumental in making Reality Days a resounding success!