Tech Ed Renovations

Project Update
Final bid documents for both the elementary school and the high school were released as a single package in mid-April. The contractor bids were returned early May and fell within the original referendum budget.

Work has begun on the roofing projects at both schools, with the old roof ballast being removed and replaced by a new adhered roof system. This work will continue throughout the summer. Shop drawings for the equipment and fixtures included in the school renovations are currently being submitted and reviewed by the design team. Demolition in portions of both buildings will begin in select locations as soon as the school year has ended.

At the elementary school we are remodeling the front reception vestibule to improve school  security and provide a new reception desk to better control visitor access. The kitchen will be reconfigured to improve operating and service efficiency, and to allow for future equipment improvements. A new kitchen office will also be added to separate kitchen administration
from food preparation and service activities. The reconfigured kitchen space will also have an easy-to-clean epoxy floor and added hand sinks to improve health code compliance. The elementary courtyard will receive improvements to allow for more student usage and flexibility to add equipment for 4K students in the future. The current courtyard has become
overgrown and doesn’t offer opportunities for students to effectively use the space. Lastly, the locker room showers will be converted into storage space for staff usage.

At the high school, the fitness and wrestling areas will receive a remodeled ventilation system to improve the air flow in those areas as well as alleviate the floor buckling issue on the gym stage. That same wood stage floor will be replaced with new low-maintenance, flexible vinyl flooring. In the lower level gym bathrooms, damaged plumbing fixtures will be replaced as well as the aging toilet partitions. A new tile floor, ceiling tile, and LED lighting will give these bathrooms a completely refreshed look. New ceilings in the upper floor corridors will address noise concerns as well as provide an opportunity for new, more efficient LED lighting. In the Tech Ed area, the woods and metal shop spaces will be combined to improve the student work flow and increase teacher supervision of both spaces. The agricultural lab will combine smaller computer lab and office spaces into a larger lab area to allow for a more flexible and expanded curriculum. Lastly, new high efficiency boilers will replace aging, inefficient boilers and a new electrical service and panel board system will be installed.

Meetings between the District and design/construction representatives will continue as construction progresses. Construction updates will also be provided throughout the summer.