COVID-19 Stoplight model for Learning

GREEN: 100% of students may be back in school (virtual option still offered to students and families concerned about returning to in-person classes). The district uses a modified school day 8:10-2:48, five days a week. Various safety measures and virus mitigation strategies are in place.

YELLOW: The district continues to offer in-person classes, five days a week to students 4K-6 and special education students. The district uses an Orange/Black Cohort Model for grades 7-12 to de-densify our building and put students in controlled grounds. Less than 100% of students (likely 50%) back in school using close to traditional school-day (8:10-2:48) and school-year calendar with numerous social-distancing guidelines and safety measures, and virus mitigation strategies are in place, while students in virtual cohorts learn alongside their in-class counterparts.

RED: No students on campus, staff may or may not be required to report to campus. District transitions to fully virtual learning, more direct video instruction and interaction than what was offered in Spring of 2020 with a modified daily schedule.