We will have teacher conferences Tuesday, March 13th, from 4:00 until 7:30. Any parent wishing a conference is invited to attend.

With the cold weather upon us, we are reminding students to dress in warm clothes. We have some warm coats in the office that have been donated by students who have outgrown them. If there is any student who needs a coat or warm clothing we urge them to stop at the office. Parents are encouraged to accompany them to approve of their choice. We also have a couple adult size coats.

The predicted flu season is here, and it has not missed our school. We are requesting that any student having the flu symptoms not come to school until 24 hours fever free. This has been the policy in most of the surrounding schools in hopes of controlling the spread of flu. It seems to be a particularly severe strain of flu and we are dedicated to protecting not only our students, but their family members as well.

Bridging Brighter Smiles (the dental people who come to school) will be here on Monday, March 12th and also again Wednesday, March 28th to provide services to students wishing these dental services.

The Campbells Program is now officially over. They are no longer accepting submissions. We are still collecting all other articles on our original list and drop boxes have been placed in both local banks, the library and the post office for the convenience of anyone saving these items for us.

We were not able to meet our goal of earning a real mini-van with Campbells labels, but we did earn pre-paid Visa Cards valued at $1275.00. This will be used to help pay for the spring field trips taken by classes, and for needed school supplies.

Breakfast Lunch
Grades 4K - 5 $1.00 Grades 4K-5 $2.70
Grades 6-12 $1.25 Grades 6-12 $3.00
Reduced .30 Reduced .40
Adult $1.25 Adult $4.00
Adult Salad Bar $3.00
Lunch Seconds As Follows:
Main Entrée $1.50
Fruit or Vegetable .75
Milk .35

Our school continues to collect General Mills Box Tops, together with other labels and articles we can use.

A complete list is as follows:

  • Kwik Trip Milk Moola - Caps (milk, juice, flavored milk) - Strips from plastic milk or juice bags,
  • General Mills "Box Tops" symbol
  • Country Hearth Bread & Village Hearth Bread - UPCs
  • Our Family - Bar Code
  • Tyson - The "Support Your School 1-2-3" Symbol
  • Used Cell Phones
  • Used Printer Cartridges

We also collect aluminum pull tabs from soda cans (we do not get paid for these, but turn them over to the Ronald McDonald house).

We have placed drop boxes in the Public Library, Post Office and both the Farmers State Bank & Royal Bank for your convenience in depositing labels & caps. Any article can also be dropped off at the school or sent with any student or staff member.